Julia and Bog

The Julia and Bog years (2001 – 2004) were magical for the motorcycling community. Never before had such a catalyzing force brought together riders of sportbikes, cruisers, dirtbikes, and scooters. Julia and Bog pioneered serveral events:
– Motorcycle Mondays, a fundraiser for …
– the Burns Ride: a fundraiser for the FireFighter’s Summer Camp for Kids with Burns
– Hot Chicks Rides:
– New Riders Network:

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In Julia’s final year (2005), she bravely continued on with the vision that she and Bog co-created, continuing to …. With the support of Robert Wiedermann, ….

2 thoughts on “Julia and Bog”

  1. Julia was an amazing person. She enthusiastically welcomed me to the riding community in 2002. The Hot Chicks Ride was one of my first rides…
    RIP Julia.

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