Why Two Names?

Frequently people ask us “Are you the Blue Moon Cafe or the Flying Swan Cafe?” I answer them, “We are both!”

Actually, we started out in 1962 as The Span Grill (span as in bridge spans of Burrard Bridge and Granville Bridge.) Then in 1978, daughter Julia Sit orchestrated our first major renovation and the Span Grill transformed into the Blue Moon Cafe. It was she who chose the name.

Then again in 2001, Julia orchestrated another major renovation, and again, she chose a new name, the Flying Swan. Under the Flying Swan moniker, thus began the period of Vancouver’s First Motorcycle Friendly cafe.

While the Blue Moon Flying Swan is still a motorcycle friendly cafe, due to the passing of Bogdan Jozwiak and Julia Sit, the cafe no longer has two bright stars that drew motorcyclists from all over the world.

So, we are both: legally known as the Blue Moon Cafe (and you will find us in the phone book and google maps as the Blue Moon Cafe), doing business as the Flying Swan.