Closed Until Further Notice

Dear friends and customers,

Update Aug 13, 2019: Restoration underway. Completion date is unknown.

On the morning of Saturday January 13, 2018, an underground water pipe burst and flooded the Blue Moon Flying Swan cafe. We have had to close for restorations. No one was hurt but water damage is extensive.

So, we are closed for further notice. We have been happy to serve you for the last fifty-five (55) years. Thank you for your past patronage.

9 thoughts on “Closed Until Further Notice”

  1. I’m very sorry you have such a mess to contend with.
    Glad this is temporary and you shall be open again!
    Warmest wishes
    from a regular customer

  2. we love eating here, and are glad that no one was hurt….we keep wondering when you will decide that 55 years is enough, but selfishly, we hope that you re-open when you can. So sorry that the damage is extensive, with your terrific decor!!!

  3. I miss you all!
    Any ideal if you are going to reopen?
    Over medium brown toast guy.
    Can I have two blueberry and one banana pancake.

  4. Hi,

    We are sorry to hear about the flooding. We wanted to find out when you anticipate opening.
    We also have our machine and wanted to find out if you prefer that we pick it up.

    Please call us at your earliest convenience so we can make the necessary arrangements.

    With Kind Regards,


  5. May 22, 2018

    Hi Jason and family,
    I noticed last week there is a “for lease” sign in the window of the restaurant. I’m assuming that the damages from the water pipe went a long way in deciding to close the restaurant down. I’m sorry to see you guys closed, but am assuming that a lot of thought went into it. I wish all of you well. I will always have great memories of the restaurant from the 1980s. I knew Julia well back then, but we lost contact. One of my great regrets. Jason, I’m assuming that’s you with your grandfather in the picture; you’ve turned into a fine young man. Wishing you best.

  6. Hi Flying Swan,
    Just driving by and saw the ‘for lease’ sign in your window. πŸ™
    Sorry to hear of you closing, we had been hoping to see you open again…
    We have enjoyed our time there, numerous times, the friendly service and conversations and the delicious meals…
    If feels it has ended abrubptly. We will miss you, our go-to place for great brunch.
    Wishing you all well.
    All the best for the future.

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