Preparation from scratch may be laborious but that’s the way we do it – whether it’s our hollandaise sauce, or our sweet and sour sauce, or the many other items that call for old fashioned care. And we think that the extra time and effort taken in preparing our food from scratch shows in our customers’ satisfaction.

When owners of other restaurants come to your cafe (as they do) or when regulars continue to come for over 20 years (as they do also), you know you’re doing something right.

Did I mention that our coffee is organic and that customers love it?

During the course of our 48 years of operation, we have had lots of opportunities to hear from our customers about which items deserve to be on the menu and which do not. So we only have items on the menu that people would choose again to eat.

And despite this process of distillation, we have a huge menu of which we have to split up into two menus: one for breakfast items, and one for lunch/dinner items.

Perhaps you might be like one of customers who was happy to see that we served the type of chow mein that he had eaten decades ago, but can no longer find at many of the other eateries he goes to. Or perhaps you might be adventurous to try something new and maybe discover a new favorite for you.

Frequently our customers will say that we are the best: “You guys are the best breakfast place in Kits”, “You have the best wonton!” “Those were the best blueberry pancakes I ever had!” etc. Such feedback is gratefully received.


Call us beforehand or come in and we will be happy to package up a takeout order for you.